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    "meta": {
        "requested": 3,
        "returned": 3
    "data": [
            "ticker": "AAPL",
            "name": "Apple Inc",
            "exchange_short": "NASDAQ",
            "exchange_long": "NASDAQ Stock Exchange",
            "mic_code": "XNAS",
            "currency": "USD",
            "price": 149.34,
            "day_high": 149.73,
            "day_low": 148.15,
            "day_open": 148.75,
            "52_week_high": 157.26,
            "52_week_low": 107.33,
            "previous_close_price": 148.75,
            "previous_close_price_time": "2021-10-19T15:59:59.000000",
            "day_change": 0.39,
            "volume": 717587,
            "is_extended_hours_price": false,
            "last_trade_time": "2021-10-20T15:59:59.000000"
            "ticker": "TSLA",
            "name": "Tesla Inc",
            "exchange_short": "NASDAQ",
            "exchange_long": "NASDAQ Stock Exchange",
            "mic_code": "XNAS",
            "currency": "USD",
            "price": 864.97,
            "day_high": 869.37,
            "day_low": 857.5,
            "day_open": 865.25,
            "52_week_high": 900.22,
            "52_week_low": 379.13,
            "previous_close_price": 864.14,
            "previous_close_price_time": "2021-10-19T15:59:59.000000",
            "day_change": 0.1,
            "volume": 320447,
            "is_extended_hours_price": false,
            "last_trade_time": "2021-10-20T15:59:58.000000"
            "ticker": "V",
            "name": "Visa Inc",
            "exchange_short": "NYSE",
            "exchange_long": "New York Stock Exchange",
            "mic_code": "XNYS",
            "currency": "USD",
            "price": 231.43,
            "day_high": 233.79,
            "day_low": 231.31,
            "day_open": 233.55,
            "52_week_high": 252.64,
            "52_week_low": 179.26,
            "previous_close_price": 233.55,
            "previous_close_price_time": "2021-10-19T15:59:59.000000",
            "day_change": -0.92,
            "volume": 228519,
            "is_extended_hours_price": false,
            "last_trade_time": "2021-10-20T15:59:58.000000"
Example response of real-time stock data quote for AAPL, TSLA and V


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